Marion ColdHair Canada

MARION – Owner

Marion has 25 years of hair industry experience and is a true pro. Looking to improve the health of your hair? She will transform your mane from damaged to shiny! But if you come in desperate for a change chances are she’ll ask you to think twice before you chop off 4 years of hair growth on a whim. Hey, we all need a little reality check now and then!  Don’t let Marion’s more conservative approach to hair fool you though. She’s the first person to throw on some hip-hop and dance the night away.

Patricia ColdHair Canada


Patricia has over 20 years of hair industry experience. She loves to cut and color your tresses, but prefers not to do updos! If you have scalp issues or hair loss she can help you turn that around. Prive Hair Gallery’s hair loss program works wonders and she loves seeing the results of using the Renee Fuerter line in action. Looking for a little hair therapy?  Give her a call. It’s not all work and no play for Patricia.  When she’s not at work you’ll find her salsa dancing in clubs across Toronto, vacationing or being educated in various hair shows all over the world.

Christina Prive Hair Gallery


Christina has over 20 years of experience in the salon industry. If you’re looking for an updo, Christina is the stylist for you. She’s Prive Hair Gallery’s wedding hair Jedi and creates styles worthy of the Oscars. But that’s not all!  If you decide to take the plunge and chop your locks off, short styles are her specialty. Sure she’s got a little attitude, but the truth of the matter is she’s a great soul and is terrific with kids. Chistina is a straight shooter, so if you are unsure about your goals, she’ll direct you to the best color to suit your unique personality.

Kelly Prive Hair Gallery

KELLIE – Stylist

Kellie is a long-standing member of the Prive Hair Gallery family. Her daughter was the first Prive Baby and we’ve shared a lot of firsts with her. Don’t let Kellie’s serious attitude fool you. She has a heart of gold and is a very talented and nurturing hairdresser. If you suffer from Alopecia she’s your gal and she’s also a whiz with styling wigs.

Taj Prive Hair Gallery


Hair is Taj’s passion! Despite being allergic to colour she still works for Prive Hair Gallery. She’s a gentle and very talented stylist and has made her mark after only 2 years in the industry. She’s terrific with children and can connect with just about anyone. Give her a call today!

Ayisha Prive Hair Gallery


Welcome our newest stylist Ayisha. She’s talkative, takes her time and is a whiz with the flat iron and beachy curls. She is just starting her journey in the salon industry!

Linda Prive Hair Gallery

LINDA – Assistant

New to Canada and to Prive Hair Gallery, don’t let her shy demeanor fool you. She has become the most requested women for shampooing as her massage and attention to detail is without a doubt her best attribute. Linda is always ready to learn and has boundless energy…I guess chasing a toddler around might have something to do with this.

Bianca Prive Hair Gallery

BIANCA – Assistant

Bianca knows where she is headed and how to get there. She came to Prive Hair Gallery as a co-op student to see if the hair industry was the right fit. With high school over, we hired her as an assistant and she’s ready to take on hair school! She loves what she does and this shows in her work. Looking for an amazing blowout and flat iron curls? She’s your gal.